What is Job Analysis?


In the previous lesson I was capable of discussing What is Job Design, the significance of Job Design, techniques of Job Design and ultimately elements of Job Design. Nowhere, I am going to enter to another specific area of Human Resource Management.

Job analysis is a primary function of Human Resource Management as it produces set of information that is essential for successful performance of many other Human Resource Management functions. Job Analysis can be defined as the systematic investigation of jobs and jobholder characteristics in order to create a collection of information that can be used to perform various HRM functions. Job analysis involves collecting, evaluating, organizing and recording information regarding job plus job holder, within the organization.


Job Analysis is an ongoing activity to be performed by professionals. In a medium scale organization HR Manager does it usually.

Job Analysis is done about each job but not about every position. According to Human Resource Management, there is a big difference among the job and the position. Job and the Position can be compared as follows.


  • Job is alternatively termed as the post. Job is interpersonal. Within one job many positions can be seen. Job belongs to the organization.

Example: Doctor

  • position is personal. Position belongs to the employee who hold the position. Position is a sub-set of the entire job.

Example: Dentist, Eye surgeon, Veterinary

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