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Gross Happiness Index

One day  for Happiness When  we contribute to the common good, we Our selves are enriched. Common promotes Happiness and will help build the future we want                -Ban Ki-moon The focus on happiness is a result of a movement toward a more holistic approach to development and progress. ...
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Different between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Microeconomics Microeconomics is the social science that studies individual actions of human and businesses. Specially, it studies consumer behavior and how they affect the utilization and distribution of scare resources. Briefly, it studies about human choices and individual markets. In addition to that, microeconomics focuses on the demand and supply that decide price levels of ...
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What is Job Analysis?

In the previous lesson I was capable of discussing What is Job Design, the significance of Job Design, techniques of Job Design and ultimately elements of Job Design. Nowhere, I am going to enter to another specific area of Human Resource Management. Job analysis is a primary function of Human Resource Management as it produces ...
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Elements of Job Design

There are two types of elements of job design as described below. 01. Efficiency Elements This includes division of labor, specialization and standardization. Mainly efficiency elements focus on improving the productivity of the employee.   02. Behavioral Elements This is the opposite of the above-mentioned efficiency elements. This focuses on increasing the job satisfaction and ...
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Best 5 reasons why market research is important

Market research is the process of gathering, recoding and analyzing information about problems of market, products or services and about behavior of past, present and potential customers. It is very essential for every firms to run their business more efficiently and exist in market more effectively. When it comes to importance of marketing research and ...
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What is job design?

The principle function that has to be performed by the organization to achieve it’s primary goal cannot be done by one individual because of lack of time, energy and competence or all these. As a result, the principle function has to be divided into individual assignments. This is the reason for creating jobs. Indeed, job ...
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